Delivering Added Value to Clients

BB&T Wealth, the financial planning division of BB&T, serves high net worth clients and needs to maintain client relationships and attract new clients in this competitive market. Concentrics partnered with BB&T to determine that on-going communications delivering added-value information from credible financial experts would solidify trust and reinforce the client relationship.

Creating Awareness and Building Credibility

Concentrics develops BB&T Perspectives, a periodical with added-value financial planning information from internal subject matter experts and aspirational stories featuring current BB&T Wealth clients. Introducing BB&T internal experts builds credibility for BB&T and awareness of their experienced team and range of expertise. 

Introducing Products in Context

With an ongoing communications tool, we also feature products and services of value to this customer alongside content about how to address challenges or opportunities. Offering relevant, objective advice and then ways to address issues or achieve goals increases awareness and adoption.

Delivering for a Digital Audience

Concentrics developed a fully digital delivery of  BB&T Perspectives magazine to expand reader options and leverage digital delivery to a wider audience. The digital version includes interactive elements and additional content to enhance the reader experience.
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